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MYBRIGHTON & HOVE photo project provides an opportunity for individuals affected by homelessness to share their perspectives and build confidence through photography.

Participants at the MY BRIGHTON & HOVE  Camera handout June 29 2018. Photo taken by Cafe Art.

Participants at the MYBRIGHTON & HOVE Camera handout June 29 2018. Photo taken by Cafe Art.


MYBRIGHTON & HOVE is a photography contest and calendar project through which participants will gain experience in taking pictures, connect with a community of peers, and receive recognition. The winning photographers will receive compensation and their photographs will be used in a MYBRIGHTON & HOVE 2019 calendar.

The inspiration for MYBRIGHTON & HOVE comes from the MYLONDON photography project organised by Café Art, a social enterprise which connects people affected by homelessness with the wider community through their art. MYLONDON is now in it's 6th year, and there are now MYCITY projects in Budapest, Sydney, New Orleans, Toronto, Sao Paulo.


We are a team of volunteers with a background in photography and working and volunteering with the local homeless community. We are proud to be supported by Cafe Art and are excited to be bringing this amazing project to the city of Brighton and Hove.


The camera handout took place in late June 2018, photographers had 5 days to take photos before they handed cameras back. Photos were judged in July, by a judging panel and public vote, ready for the calendar to be produced and launched with the exhibition in October. Calendars are then sold by photographers from October-January.   


MYBRIGHTON & HOVE is a photography contest with single-use cameras. The goal is to empower people affected by homelessness - to give them skills, confidence and eventually to earn some money by selling the photos and the MYBRIGHTON & HOVE calendar.

The goal is not to focus on homelessness, but to capture the Brighton and Hove they love.  

“It’s given me so much confidence. I would never have been brave enough to ask people to take their photo before, but doing this project has shown me I can do it. I really want to do more photography now and have lots of ideas forming.” 

- MYBRIGHTON & HOVE Photo Project Participant


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If you would be interested in volunteering with us for the MYBRIGHTON & HOVE project or interested in sponsorship opportunities we would love to have you involved. Click below to learn more, or contact us.

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